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What is software development?

Software Development is a systematic process of building a software successfully. This process includes multiple phases. Initial phase is requirement gathering & analysis. Here clients’ requirements and needs are taken into consideration and after meetings with management team some conclusions are driven.

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The next stage is designing. Once the wireframe is ready and requirements are satisfied; the next phase is designing. Here designers use their creativity and start working on the design of the software. Implementation or Development is the next step after designing. Our talented coders, code your software, make it robust and flawless.

Now, when the software is ready; we need to test it. Therefore, our next phase is testing. Our brilliant Quality Analysts (QA) team test your software and check where every requirement is satisfied and also is it working smooth or not. Moving further, if the working is satisfactory then it is ready for deployment. Last but not the least, we do look after any maintenance and updating as our ethics says that we do not like to an incomplete work.

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Technology used in Software Development

As we say that we generally follow software development as a methodology. So in that case, there might arise a query that we are into which technologies. Therefore, here we are providing insights of technologies that we work on.

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Software Development Company in India - Triangle2square has got smooth hands on .Net framework. Our developers know how to make a feature-rich environment. We can crack every challenging feature which needs to be included in the software. Our team has powerful hands on .Net framework which leads to a high performance application with robust and bug-free environment.


PHP is one of the leading technologies in the market. Our developers not only know to run core PHP but they also know how to generate effective and working code with frameworks. We prefer working with frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter because they come up with security and safety plus they have good coding standards.


Laravel is one of the most famous PHP frameworks. This technology has emerged rapidly over past few years. The solely reason is its easy working environment. Our smart developers sustainably use this framework to meet your requirements. Along with timely deliver, we believe in never compromising price and quality.


CodeIgniter has always been a powerful MVC PHP framework. Over the years its popularity has increased and the trust it has built with clients is marvelous. Our bright CodeIgniter team know perfectly how to utilize this technology the best way possible and come up with strong and scalable product or software.

Uses of Software Development

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The work is not only confined to developers but also many professionals such as QA, Designers, Project Managers, Business Analysts (BA) and many others are involved.

Gathering requirements

Building a wireframe

Transparency & Honesty

Building design

Generating the back-end


Easy configuration

Managing risks

Managing Updates

Deploying on time


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